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11 August 2009 @ 09:36 pm
Pieces Of Time (Merlin Ficlets)  
Title: Pieces Of Time
Summary: 5 little drabbles from various prompts
Notes: A big huge thanks to merlinsgeekyfan as usual


2# Kiss

Arthur watched; worry etching his features, as Merlin squirmed in his bed, sweat heavily marring his brow.

“Come on, Merlin.” The Prince spoke quietly, encouraging his friend, although he’d never admit it, to get better “I can’t do this on my own.” In a gesture not usually associated with the Prince, he ran his fingers over Merlin’s hair with a gentleness that surprised even him before, in a moment of weakness, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

When Merlin stirred beneath him, Arthur stifled a blush before re-taking his seat beside the bed, looking around the room in case someone had witnessed his ‘momentary relapse’.

3# Modesty

Warm steam radiated from the tub, flushing Merlin’s cheeks a dark red as he leant over to check the temperature.

“Is it ready yet, Merlin?” The prince questioned, impatience marring his tone. His servant nodded.

“It might still be a bit too hot, but yes.” Arthur scoffed

“There’s no such thing as too hot, Merlin.” Resisting a scowl, he went to assist the Prince as he took his jacket off “I don’t need your help to get undressed, you know?” The servant’s cheeks suddenly felt even warmer.

“Sorry, sir.” He listened to the sound of clothes hitting the floor for a few moments before it went silent. Thinking he must be in the bath by now, Merlin turned, only to be greeted by the expanse of Arthur’s defined back and bum.

Bugger, he cursed, before quickly diverting his eyes, only to have them flicker back to Arthur, who was now thankfully, mostly emerged in the water.

“Come now Merlin, don’t be such a prude. It’s not like I have anything you haven’t seen before!” Merlin felt a blush creep all the way up from his toes to stain the tips of his ears and all the parts in between.

“Yes, sire.”

5# Rain

“The weather’s awful, Gaius.” Merlin complained for the umpteenth time, drumming his long fingers against the table, looking longingly out of the window, “Is there not a spell to make the rain stop temporarily or better yet, indefinitely?” Gaius shook his head

“You know how irresponsible that would be, Merlin.” He commented in that wizened tone Merlin secretly thinks he practised.

“But Gaius, Arthur’s going to have me doing only God knows what in that!” He flailed his arms around him in a manner similar to a chicken flapping its wings.

“I’m sorry, Merlin, but duties are duties and we only gain new knowledge from them.” Gaius’ tone said that that was the end of conversation.

“Yeah,” The young wizard muttered “The only thing I’m going to gain is pneumonia!”

6# Blood

“Ouch!” The clang of metal resounded throughout the room.

“For Gods sake Merlin, what are you going to use now?” Arthur gestured to the carving knife that lay between them on the table.

“There’s nothing wrong with the stupid, sharp thing!” Merlin protested adamantly, holding up his sliced finger “The only damage done is to me!”

“Well,” Arthur said “That is a relief.” Merlin cursed strongly under his breath as the Prince picked up the knife as if it had a disease “It still needs washing though,” he glanced at Merlin “Who knows what sort of germs might be on it now.”

Yes, sir.” Merlin replied, through gritted teeth, cursing the day he met he ever met Arthur Pendragon.  

7# Reflection

As the Prince appraised himself in the mirror, Merlin caught his own reflection and noted the almost comical contrast between the two. Arthur, next King of Camelot, with his blonde hair, shapely nose and full mouth, and Merlin, servant to the next King of Camelot and an absolute nobody, with a mop of brown hair and no defining features whatsoever.

“What are you looking so pensive about?” Merlin’s attention was drawn to the Prince, whose expression held a look of amusement.

“Nothing sire, merely admiring your appearance.” He replied with an unrestrained grin as Arthur’s eyebrow rose questioningly and his previous look was replaced with one of shock.

“Well, thank you, Merlin.” Arthur recovered, lowering his risen brow.

“You’re most welcome sire.” Smile still in place, Merlin left the room, leaving his master to make of his comment what he will.


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